2016 Christmas Letter

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    1. Loved reading your letter — enjoyed every word and every photo. Thank you for writing even in the midst of a tough recovery from surgery. Love, Ted, Clayton, TABO and Lucy

  1. Wow, Alan thoroughly enjoyed your letter. Beautiful farm. Can’t imagine how you got through all the haying by yourself. Cutting it, turning it, bailing it, hauling it to storage. Touchstone reminds us of our 40 acre place in Central Minnesota near Lake Mille Lacs. The beautiful old oaks, trees everywhere. We maintained about 6 acres in grass with a pond. Geese, feral kitties and a dog for 16 years. Had an outdoor woodstove, we fed. The house was a large one story, old add on. Not practical to heat with baseboard although we had it. We loved it there despite the challenges of living in the woods and what could be severe weather. Now we live on 5 acres here in Northern, Illinois and watch the seasons change with the farmers. Getting too old to do what we did before. Loved your stories. Loved to hear about family and friends. Would love to hear your stories every year. Understand so many of your frustrations with having a large property. The animals, the care. Hope you are able to build your home in 2017. Thank you, for sharing. Take good care, Edna and Bob.

  2. As usual, I loved every word of it! Thank you for touring us through your year! N.b. we ALL are taking more time to heal! 🙂

  3. Just loved reading about your and Keith’s year…and the photos were great. Loved knowing how the year went; hope you’re recovering well, congrats to Keith on all his accomplishments. So sorry to miss you both at Thanksgiving. Love the new buildings; so glad you had a taste of upstate (where I grew up)…and so much more. Love to you both. Hope I can at least visit some time in 2017!

  4. Alan – loved reading your letter; enjoy it every year bro-in-law. And wonderful photos. Quite a year for you both……and us of course. I hope we’ll be able to get out your way – something we always enjoy – more than once in 2017. It really does seem like ages since we’ve visited you two at the Farm. Wishing the best yet for 2017. We love you…..

  5. Alan, I always look forward to your annual letter and this year’s lived up to expectations! (And yes, I read every word, looked at each photo and followed many of the links!) You and Keith have an extraordinarily beautiful and full life.

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Much love from LA (which seems, in comparison to Virginia, so … lame!) – and Happy New Year to you both –

  6. Brad and I loved reading your letter, which seemed better than ever. And each month’s photo essay was fantastic. I think I’m gunna start over and study the pics more carefully now.
    Happy New Year!

  7. Dear Alan,
    Mid-summer in England, long days, and at last I am catching up on previous emails and photos, so I have just spent a happy hour reading your ‘Christmas newsletter’. Its such a great read, so honest too, not just the ‘highlights’. I have enjoyed it all, so much resonates with our life of, too busy, too many good things, too tired, too messy, too much stuff, Plan A, Plan B, Wine, etc etc. Many congratulations to you both for the farm and beautiful photos and for Keith becoming a Sommelier at the Inn. Sophie x

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