2018 Christmas Letter

7 thoughts on “2018 Christmas Letter”

  1. Hello Alan,
    Wow! You should be a writer! So enjoyed reading your letter. Yes, all of it!

    You write in such a way that you take your audience with you. Many of the experiences reminded us of our own. Have lived in Fullerton, Calif., daughter was an actress so many of the places you mention are familiar. Alot of what you talked about reminded us of our years on our 40 acres up in north central Minnesota. I hear you getting to the place we did before we left. We still live rurally but not with all the overhead.

    Your comment about how you’ve always had a plan for your life since you were little, sounded very familiar. It’s only been in the last 10 years or so, those plans have faltered since our direction due to age and physical ability has changed considerably. When you are really that “directed”, it is very disconcerting to have a lifetime of “direction” be altered. Have been directed all my life! The price of getting old. (75). Husband 78. You don’t anticipate how much your life and dreams can be altered by time and age. At least we didn’t. We could take another 50 years if we hadn’t aged!

    So enjoyed your letter and your experiences. Amazing since we don’t know each other that well, how similar in some respects, direction and thoughts, were so similar. Guess there is a family connection. Thanks, for the memories.

    Edna and Bob

  2. I love your letters, Alan. And the photos! Your insights are beautiful and your willingness to share sometimes takes my breath away. Big hugs from twelve time zones away! xoxo, Ted

  3. Dear Alan,

    It is always a pleasure to read your letters. Hard to believe that it Haß been only years since we celebrated your marriage. By the way, figuring out options can be quite as sattisfying as reaching pre-planned goals. I for myself never expected to land in THE whine region in germany, not to mention meeting my better half at a conference. 😉

    All the best to you and Keith! I hope we will meet each other some time in the not-too-far future!

  4. Hi Alan,

    Thank you for sharing we all enjoyed reading you letter. You are such a great writer and your photography is outstanding.

    Debby & the boys

  5. Alan, once again … you soar in your writing. Thanks for your honesty and passion. Sitting in SoCal, pining for my East Coast life (seems so long ago!) and living vicariously through yours and Keith’s wonderful/complicated/challenging/thrilling life is a gift. Thank you.


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