2019 Christmas Letter

7 thoughts on “2019 Christmas Letter”

  1. Alan,
    March wasn’t so bad you got goodies from your Aunt, which you said were just like you remembered. You just didn’t remember me making them, you thought it was your Grandma.

    Wish you could have been at your Uncle Roy’s Birthday party. It was so nice to see some of my nephews. It would have been great to see you. Jen did believe it was me. She kept saying I looked so young and good. It made my day. It had been years since I saw Ray.

    Hope the new year brings you all you wish for.

    Love Aunt Liz

  2. Wow, Alan. What a year! Love your gardens! Reminds me of our 40 acres up in north central, Minnesota. A great reminder of another time. But yet, the beauty of your property, fields and acres of hills and valleys! Have never been to Virginia, the land of my forefathers, in York and Gloucester counties back into the 1600’s. Will probably not travel to see it because the aging process has caught up. But, so enjoyed the beauty of you sharing your lives. Love the stonework. It turned out so beautiful. The pavillions are beautiful. The fish reminded me of Jim McEnany.
    Yours and Keith’s homestead looks straight out of a magazine. Thank you, for sharing the beauty of your lives. Always look forward to and enjoy your letter. May 2020 be a wonderful year, for you and Keith!! Edna

  3. Alan,

    Aunt Liz is right, she does look spectacular…… and so do your gardens! I am in awe. You need to start publishing coffee table books with all of your gorgeous pictures.

    Glad you had another healthy year filled with family and friends!

  4. Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I love your annual ruminations. I read every word and enjoyed every photo. Even listened to “Abba.” I can’t wait to see the garden pavilion in reality. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo, Ted

    1. Thanks, Alan. I always enjoy how well you capture the ebb and
      flow of the seasons. And your industry makes me feel so
      lazy (which I am).

      Now I want a goldfish pond off the kitchen. Could be a fun project!

      Cheers and here’s to good ole Epictetus!

  5. Loved the letter and let it be known I am inviting myself over to see your garden. Absolutely magnificent. Sorry to hear of the passing of Bill. 🙁

    Happy New Year to you and Keith and just so you know, I am always up for a blind tasting.

  6. Alan, thank you. Another wonderful missive from the gentleman farmer! Loved every word and each gorgeous photograph. I marvel at your full life and hope to see you and Keith soon – even looked at some of your listings which certainly tugged at my East coast yearnings.

    Jeff XO
    PS – Loved the Marcus Aurelius quotes (not pretentious in the least). I read Ryan Holiday’s “The Daily Stoic” every morning. Seneca is my favorite Stoic, he speaks to me, but Epictetus and MA don’t suck!

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